7 How to solve Error 61001

Error 61001 occurs when the application enables “User Entitlement Check” but the apk file hasn’t been uploaded on Pico Developer Platform.


For entitlement check usage details, please refer to doc pages below accordingly:

To tackle this issue, it depends on the desired release channel:

  • If the application is NOT expected to release on Pico Store, it is suggested to simply disable the option “User Entitlement Check”
  • If the application is expected to release on Pico Store, please submit application on Pico Developer Portal and follow the procedure of publishing contents on Pico Store.

Additionally, in case the development is at an early phase, it is applicable to use device SN to simulate the “User Entitlement Check”(Details can be found in SDK document pages above) as a workaround. And when development is finished, please use APPID instead of SN code for actual release.