23 6DoF tracking environment recommendation example

  1. Feature Rich: require many object edge and corner. Run in a room with sufficient (but not overly bright) lighting and lots of furniture, stuff on the walls, objects on the tables and counters, and so on. These contrasts and patterns help 6DOF Tracking the room effectively. Avoid spaces with mirrors, spotlights, bright sunlight, or lots of moving objects or people.
  2. Lighting luminance lux >35, between 180lux ~ 350lux is recommended and best. Feature Rich Example.
  3. The overall scene depth of the environment should be average 4 meters. The recommend background scene is a 4m*4m room, and the performance can not be guaranteed when working outside.

Good Environment Examples


Bad Environment Examples

Feature Poor: complete blank curtain

Repetitive patterns more than 1/3 for camera picture

Feature Poor: complete blank wall

_images/23.2.png _images/23.3.png

Feature Poor:Dark, lighting luminance is small

Background depth is longer than 4 meters

Large mirror that has reflections or transparent glasses

_images/23.4.png _images/23.5.png