9 How to upgrade system via SD card

Applicable Devices: G2 4K series/ Neo2 series

There are two methods:

  • Method 1 – Upgrade via SD card :

1. Create the “dload” folder in the SD root directory;

2. Copy the ROM package to the “dload” folder of the SD card (do not decompress the zip package);

3. Older PUI 4.0.1: In “My Applications” → “System Update”, click “Offline Upgrade”.

 Later than PUI 4.0.1: In the bottom right corner of Settings, click “Check PUI Update” → “Offline Upgrade”.

  • Method 2 – Upgrade via Recovery Mode:

1. Copy the ROM package to root folder of the SD card (do not decompress the zip package).

2. Enter the Recovery mode (refer Q6 step a, b, c).

3. Select “Apply update from SD card”, and confirm.

4. Select the ROM package previously copying the SD card. Installation will take 3-5 minutes. No operation during this period.

5. Select “Wipe data/factory reset to” to erase existing data.


1. One SD Card in the FAT32 format (the SD card memory should be higher than 2G, to the maximum of 256G);

2. The remaining battery should be more than 40% during upgrading and the upgrading process lasts for 3 to 5 minutes.

3. System can be upgraded only from a low version to a high version.test.