19 How to set static IP

Please follow the steps to set static IP:

G2 4K series/Neo2 series

  1. Press “Confirm” and “Volume Down” simutaneously to enter the 2D setting interface.
  2. Click “Network and Internet” > “WLAN”.
  3. Long press the connected WIFI.
  4. Click “Modify network”.
  5. Scroll down and click “Advanced options”.
  6. Click “IP Settings”.
  7. Select “Static”.

Neo3 series

  1. Go to Settings-General and find “App Management”.

2.Find an application and click on the “More” icon.


3.Go to a vertical screen interface, click the “search” icon in the upper right corner.

4.Enter Wi-Fi search.


5.Click the “Settings” icon on the right side of the connected network.

6.After entering, click the “Edit” icon in the upper right corner.

7.Swipe down and click “Advanced options” .

8.Click “IP settings” .

9.Select “Static”.