14 How to sign apk with Pico system signature

Applicable Devices: G2 4K series/ Neo2 series/ Neo3 Pro

Limit of Signed APK: 3GB

Here are the steps to sign the app with Pico Online Tool:

  • Step1: Apply for an account

    Please contact Pico technician for account and password.

  • Step2: Login Signature System

    Open Pico online signature system ( http://ussign.picovr.com/login ), enter account and password to login. You will see “Signature List” after successful login.

  • Step3: Upload Signature Application

    Click on “Upload File”, enter the upload file interface; Click “Select File” to select the application to be signed;

  • Step4: Select Device Type

    Select expected “Device” option and then click “Create” button;

    For G2 series / Neo 2 series, select “Default” for “Device” option.

    For Neo 3 Pro, select “Pico Neo 3” for “Device” option.

  • Step5: View Signature Results

    Click “Back to list page”


On the list page you can see the uploaded APK, and the status here is unsigned.

  • Step6: Get Signed APK

    Normally in 5-10 minute system will complete signature automatically. Refresh list page, you can see the application signature status is “signed”. Clicks”signed” to download signed APK.