3 Development Notes

3.1 Enable Developer options

Please check details from this FAQ link on how to enable developer options: https://sdk.picovr.com/docs/FAQ/chapter_one.html

3.2 Android Manifest file

  • Add necessary configuration

<meta-data android:name=”pvr.app.type” android:value=”vr” />

3.4 Known issues

  • When Unity Stencil Buffer is used in conjunction with Linear Space, there is a black screen problem on Neo 3.
  • When using the Scene Quick Preview Tool, if the compiler reports error :”BeginLayoutGroup must be called first”.This is a known issue and should not affect regular usage.
  • PassThrough is not supported in the Vulkan API.
  • When RT scale is set over 1.5, it may come to flashing monocolour (black/white) frame or stuck frame of the scene when launching the application.
  • When RT scale is set over 1.5 and uses Vulkan, there will be a stuck after triggering play boundary in the application.
  • When using URP, Linear color space and Multiview together in Unity 2021.2.3, there is a black screen problem.
  • When using Vulkan and Multipass together in the version after Unity2020.3.13, the built apk will crash when the screen is turned on and off continuously.
  • When using Vulkan, the MRC function and Linear Color Space cannot be used at the same time.