2 Instructions for SDK configuration

2.1 Supported devices

Pico Neo 3 series

2.2 Development environment requirements

Software Brand Version
Unity Unity2019.4.0 and above(Note: When Graphics APIs select Vulkan, the Unity version needs to use 2020.3.13 and above)
JDK jdk1.8.0 and above
Android SDK API Level 29 and above
Software Version Number c000_rf01_bv1.0.1_sv1.181_20211022_b335 and above


  • Software Version can be found in device menu Settings - General.
  • ARM64 architecture is recommended.
  • If you come across Unity packaging error “Execution failed for task‘:processReleaseResources’”,please check if the Android SDK API Level 29 (or above) is properly installed.
  • Unity settings: Minimum API Level: 26 to 27
  • Unity Target API Level: “Automatic (highest installed)” is recommended.
  • If low version of Android SDK API is used, the following code in the Editor->PXR_BuildProcessor file can be commented out:

However, doing this will cause the SD card directory cannot be accessed directly