1 Introduction to SDKΒΆ

This document describes VR content and application development made for and run on Pico all-in-one equipment by utilizing PicoVRAndroidSDK_Unity (hereinafter referred to as SDK) within the Unity game development engine environment. The SDK provides the following functionality:

  • sensor fusion
  • Binocular stereo rendering
  • optical distortion correction
  • asynchronous time warping
  • single buffer rendering
  • 3DoF/6DoF multi-interaction support
  • power supply and thermal dissipation management
  • account and payment management.

The SDK architecture is shown in the following figure:


Figure 1.1 SDK architecture diagram

The SDK is provided in the format of UnityPackage. After importing, the developers can see the following directories:


Figure 1.2 Directory structure of SDK plugin

Each subdirectory under Assets>PicoMobileSDK corresponds to a function in the SDK. The Scenes directory under each of these subdirectories provides scenes for your reference. If you encounter problems when adapting the SDK, you can view the documents or refer to the methods in the scenes.

  • Pvr_BoundarySDK contains functions related to safety boundary
  • Pvr_Controller contains the related functions of the controller
  • Pvr_Payment contains the related functions of payment
  • Pvr_ToBService contains functions related to system interfaces
  • Pvr_UnitySDK contains the relevant functions of the sensor and rendering
  • Pvr_VolumePowerBrightness contains the related functions of volume, brightness and power related resources