2 Write an xml script to call functions compiled in Android SDK APIs or in a JAR file

    1. Create an xml file under ProjectNameSourceProjectName, under the same folder as ProjectName.build.cs
    1. Write the code referring to the demo code below. You need to insert your Android code accordingly.
    1. If you are using JAR file, you need to write this tag <resourceCopies></resourceCopies> And indicate path of your JAR file here.
    1. Save this xml file to SourceProjectNamefilename.xml

Please refer to the following code:

<root xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android">
        <!—Write your initialization contents.-->
        <log text="Pico Test for Yeti"/>
        <!—Indicate path of 3rd-party library you need to include(.so file/.jar file) -->
        <copyFile src="$S(PluginDir)/lib/javalib.jar" dst="$S(BuildDir)/libs/javalib.jar" />
              <!—Indicate the packages you need to include.-->
              import android.widget.Toast;
              import android.hardware.Camera;
              import android.hardware.Camera.CameraInfo;
              import android.hardware.Camera.Parameters;
              import android.hardware.Camera.PreviewCallback;
              import android.graphics.SurfaceTexture;
              import android.graphics.ImageFormat;
              import android.graphics.PixelFormat;
              import java.util.List;
              import java.io.IOException;
              import android.util.Log;
              import com.pvr.PvrManager;
              <!—Register the API fuction you need to call-->
              private static PvrManager mPvrManager = null;
              public boolean AndroidThunkJava_UEPvr_SetLED(int led, int color, int blink, int ontime, int offtime)
              boolean ret = false;
                if(null != mPvrManager)
                    mPvrManager.setLedStatus(led, color, blink, ontime, offtime);
                    ret = true;
                    Log.debug("LED brightness: " + (ret == true?"succeed":"failed"));
                return ret;
                    <!—Write your optional additions to GameActivity oncreate in GameActivity.java-->