3 Usage

3.1 Customize the size and height of the PicoVR Safety Boundary Configuration

This section describes how to customize the size and height of the play boundary in PicoVR Safety Boundary Configuration mode. For configuration methods, please refer to the following.

1) Get the play boundary configuration file example

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tNgS-EpNB5nR2P_U_COpl-LZfyjSefVr/view?usp=sharing

2) Configuration parameters and descriptions

Whether to delete after taking effect.

Parameter Name: AutoDelete


1: On, this configuration file will be automatically deleted after it takes effect, valid for one time.

0: Off, this configuration file will remain in the directory after it takes effect.

Description: Used for one time effect and can be configured according to different needs.

Whether to enforce the default To-C process.

Parameter Name: ForceTOC


1: On, follow the default To-C logic which is designed by PUI. Stop reading the configuration file.

0: Off, no configuration changes. Continue to read the configuration file.

Description: When set to 1, it will enforce the To-C process. Generally, when using PicoVR Safety Boundary Configuration mode, please set the value to 0.

Whether to enforce UI-Free Mode

Parameter Name: ForceNOUI


1: On, setup the play boundary according to this configuration file, enfore UI-free Mode.

0: Off, do not read this file. Jump to lower priorities and check the configuration files. If no file is set as enabled, run the To-C process.

Description: The Off function is used to temporarily disable the current configuration file or priority (about configuration priority, check section 3.2). Generally, when using PicoVR Safety Boundary Configuration mode, please set the value to 1.

Whether to force to restart 6DoF movement tracking

Parameter Name: ForceReset6Dof


1: On, force restart 6Dof before setting play boundary.

0: Off, no configuration changes.

Note: Restarting 6DoF can refresh and erase the lowest-level position data, but will also add 3-5s to the restart time.

Whether the 6Dof lost screen shows the close tracking button

Parameter name: ShowCloseTrackingBtn


1: On, the following message is be displayed when 6dof is lost, and the return key is valid.

If the problem persists, please contact customer service or do the following:

>Press headset [Confirm] to reset Movement Tracking

>Press headset [Back] to disable Movement Tracking

0: Off, the following message is displayed when 6Dof is lost, the return key is invalid.

If the problem persists, please contact customer service or do the following:

>Press headset [Confirm] to reset Movement Tracking

Description: Used to control whether the Movement Tracking Lost warning in the play boundary application prompts. Valid only in the play boundary application. If you want to change this setting in other applications, please modify in the SDK system configuration file.


Parameter Name: height

Value: positive number, two decimal places

Description:Used to set the height of the ground in VR. The ground height is set as head position down minus set distance value. Units are in meters.

Boundary shape

  • Circle:

    Parameter name: #circle_r

    Value: radius of circle, in meters

    Parameter name: #circle_pcount

    Value: number of points to set the boundary, 36 is the default value for circles. Reduce the number for polygons, e.g. with a value of 4, the boundary will be a rhombus (square but facing corners in front).

  • Irregular shape:

    Delete #circle_r and #circle_pcount. Add the boundary point sequence, The beginning and the end of the sequence will be connected.


    v X Y Z

    X represents horizontal axis of the plane, positive direction to the right, Y represents the axis perpendicular to the ground, positive direction up, Z represents vertical axis of the plane, positive direction forward.

    For example, a 2m*2m square centered on the headset, with a height of 1.65m, has boundary data written as:

    v -1.0 -1.65 -1.0

    v -1.0 -1.65 1.0

    v 1.0 -1.65 1.0

    v 1.0 -1.65 -1.0

3) Copy configuration file to device

After modifying the configuration file as required, copy it to /sdcard/SeethroughSetting/Config/. You can create the path on your own if the folder does not exist.

4) Reboot the headset

The system will generate the play boundary according to your configuration file.

3.2 Setting up configuration files with different priorities

PicoVR Safety Boundary Configuration mode supports different priority settings. Under the sdcard/SeethroughSetting/Config/ directory, the file named Config1.txt will be the first priority to take effect, Config2.txt is the next priority, and so on for a total of five priority settings (1-5). Users can generate multiple configuration files according to different requirements, modify the configuration file name, and set the play boundary that is currently required to take effect.